Wills and Estates


It is a simple fact; every person aged 16 and over ought to have a Will. In reality, many of us do not give it any thought until we marry, buy a house or have children. Even when you have a Will, it is important to keep it up to date, as it simplifies matters for your loved ones in the event of your death and reduces the likelihood of family disputes.

If you do not have a Will, there are fixed rules to determine who takes what amongst husbands/wives/children or other relatives, which may mean that your estate is not divided in the way you would have chosen.

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Dealing with the loss of a family member or a friend is always difficult. If you are an Executor there will be a number of important matters for you to deal with after the death, however, many people are unaware of what is expected of Executors when winding up estates.

We have advised many clients on all matters relating to the winding up of the estate from registering the death through to investing legacies.

We also have experience in being able to assist families where a person has died leaving no valid or complete Will arranging through the relevant Court, for the appointment of a family member as Executor and then handling the estate on their behalf.

Aware of the delicate nature of such situations, our experience will provide support and reassurance to families in dealing with these matters following a bereavement.